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This list is not ready for use on Wikipedia because a Members of the National Assembly of Benin who was a member twice does not show twice.

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Article description Country Start date End date Image
Hélène Aholou Keke IBenini
Joseph Keke IBenini
Bertin Borna IBenini
Théophile Nata IBenini
Sacca Lafia IBenini
Kamarou Fassassi IBenini
Jerome Sacca Kina Guezere IBenini
Ganiou Soglo IBenini
Daniel Tawéma IBenini
Rosine Soglo IBenini
Antoine Idji Kolawolé IBenini
Antoine Dayori IBenini
Mathurin Nago IBenini
Léhady Soglo IBenini
Bruno Amoussou IBenini
Lazare Sèhouéto IBenini
Lazare Maurice SEHOUETO 2.JPG
Adrien Houngbédji IBenini
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