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Article description Country Start date End date Image
Nuno Nabian IGini Bisawu 2020-02-28
Nuno Gomes Nabiam.png
Aristides Gomes IGini Bisawu 2018-04-16
2019-08-29 Aristides Gomes.jpg
Artur Silva IGini Bisawu 2018-01-30 2018-04-16
Omar Mokhtar Embalo IGini Bisawu 2016-11-18 2018-01-16
Umaro Sissoco Embaló (51315757792).jpg
Baciro Djá IGini Bisawu 2016-05-27 2016-11-18
Baciro Djá.png
Carlos Correia IGini Bisawu 2015-09-17 2016-05-12
Baciro Djá IGini Bisawu 2015-08-20 2015-09-09
Baciro Djá.png
Domingos Simoes Pereira IGini Bisawu 2014-07-03 2015-08-20
Domingos Simões Pereira.jpg
Rui Duarte de Barros IGini Bisawu 2012-05-16 2014-07-03
Adiato Djaló Nandigna IGini Bisawu 2012-02-10 2012-04-12
Carlos Gomes Júnior IGini Bisawu 2009-01-02 2012-02-10
Carlos Gomes Junior.jpg
Carlos Correia IGini Bisawu 2008-08-05 2009-01-02
Aristides Gomes IGini Bisawu 2005-11-02 2007-04-13
2019-08-29 Aristides Gomes.jpg
Carlos Gomes Júnior IGini Bisawu 2004-05-10 2005-11-02
Carlos Gomes Junior.jpg
Carlos Correia IGini Bisawu 1997-06-06 1998-12-03
Carlos Correia IGini Bisawu 1991-12-27 1994-10-26
Victor Saúde Maria IGini Bisawu 1982-05-14 1984-03-10
Victor Saúde Maria 1980.jpg
João Bernardo Vieira IGini Bisawu 1978-09-28 1980-11-14
João Bernardo Vieira detail1, 1822WD944.jpg
Constantino Teixeira IGini Bisawu 1978-07-07 1978-09-28
Francisco Mendes IGini Bisawu 1973-09-24 1978-07-07
Chico Mendes 1973.tiff
Manuel Saturnino da Costa IGini Bisawu
Francisco Fadul IGini Bisawu
Alamara Nhassé IGini Bisawu
Caetano N'Tchama IGini Bisawu
Mário Pires IGini Bisawu
Artur Sanhá IGini Bisawu
Faustino Imbali IGini Bisawu
Martinho Ndafa Kabi IGini Bisawu
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