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Welcome to my userpage!

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Ulwazi lomsebenzisi we Babel
en-N This user has a native understanding of English.
fr-4 Cet utilisateur dispose de connaissances proches de la langue maternelle en français.
zu-3 Lomsebenzisi unolwazi oluningi lwesiZulu.
af-3 Hierdie gebruiker het gevorderde kennis van Afrikaans.
Abasebenzisi ngo limi

Oisteadman[hlela | Hlela umthombo]

I am a Zulu, Afrikaans and French translator keen on keeping the Zulu wikipedia running. I'm working my way through it gradually - please do not hesitate to tell me if I have made any mistakes.

Most of my translating is aided by the site, since the Zulu Wiktionary is still in its early stages.

PLEASE HELP: if anyone has knowledge of Wikipedia's disambiguation pages and would like to translate the's template, please let me know how you progress with this. An example of the current disambiguation template in action is here.

I'm a musician living in London. These are my musical projects:
A band called Stornoway
A Zulu band called Count Drachma