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Islam inkolo womunye unkulunkulu. Main abakholelwa Islam "Munye Kuphela UNkulunkulu (Allah)".[1] Muhammad kuyinto isithunywa.[2][3][4][5][6] Islam iyona nkolo enkulu kunazo zonke emhlabeni.[7] Islam iyona nkolo ezanda.[8][9][10]

Concept kaNkulunkulu[hlela | Hlela umthombo]

UNkulunkulu uchazwa esahlukweni 112 Qur'an kanje:"Yena unguNkulunkulu, One and Only uNkulunkulu, Simakade, Absolute. Akukho muntu onjengaye."

Abaprofethi[hlela | Hlela umthombo]

I-Qur'an likhuluma amagama izibalo abantu abaningi abakubheka njengomklamo abaprofethi Islam, kuhlanganise Adamu, Nowa, Abrahama, uMose, UJesu Kristu, nabanye. Muhammad kuyinto umprofethi wokugcina.

Imithombo[hlela | Hlela umthombo]

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